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Other courses


LinguaFranca helps you maintain and improve the level of English with SpeakYOgrammar Club. You enhance your vocabulary and speaking and brush up on the English grammar that has always scared you!
These conversation classes are divided into groups, based on your command of English and your level of oral proficiency. There are conversation classes for beginner to low-intermediate levels, as well as for intermediate and advanced levels. Through natural conversation in an informal atmosphere you will increase your English skills.

Exam Preparation Course

LinguaFranca offers Exam Preparation Course (TOEFL/IELTS) if you plan to further your academic pursuits in college. Our instructors will help you prepare for your test date on each section of the exam you are taking.
This program focuses on strategies for effectively taking the exam, including an emphasis on listening and reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing. The course will help you increase your score and build your confidence for a smoother test taking experience. The excellent results obtained by LinguaFranca students on the exams are the best measure of our efficacy.
To evaluate your possible result, see the comparison table.

English for kids

At LinguaFranca, we use the most practical tools and materials for teaching English to Young Learners. These materials help kids learn English in a fast and fun way.
Our computer-assisted teaching is designed to teach grammar, vocabulary, sentence patterns and reading, with little stress. Our visually appealing videos help to vividly present the language and also optimize memory of new language. The lessons are accompanied by authentic printable  handouts and extra on-line support.
Every lesson comes with interactive games and exercises for further practice of the language presented. These exercises are carefully designed to appeal to all learning types -audio, visual & kinesthetic learners especially. For classroom teaching we have provided lots of games in the supplementary materials area.
As a creative school, with a track record in fantastic English results, we are often asked what our specific approach is. We'd like to share some of these approaches with you.

Tailor-Made Courses

LinguaFranca is able to offer high quality language training made for business people and professionals. Our trainers will tailor make your lessons at all levels- from beginners to proficiency, whether you need to improve your general English, Business English, grammar, conversation skills or pronunciation, LinguaFranca team is ready to help you!
During an intake interview with one of our language trainers, you discuss your specific questions and clarify your needs and learning goals for the language of your choice. This helps us to assess your exact language requirements. For example, you may have to attend meetings, give presentations, or you may need to know the particular language of a professional field. The course will then be directed towards those skills. One should not forget about authenticity of coursebook to introduce the genuine language you will come across in real life; our internationally certified trainers will supplement the coursebook with materials, designed to meet your specific needs and teach you skills, necessary in real life.
On the basis of the intake interview, we provide you with a written syllabus that meets your need and fee proposal. If you choose to accept this, we will set up the training program with you. Naturally, the timetable will be designed to fit your schedule.
Prior to the intake interview you can fill in the needs analysis form online.

English 121

Time devoted particularly to your needs!
LinguaFranca provides individualized and specialized lessons 365 days of the year, 24/7. This is a unique opportunity to learn and practice English on a One-to-One basis in a comfortable and uninterrupted environment.
Whatever aspect of the language you choose - building vocabulary, practicing conversation, or discussing grammar, you have a personal trainer. You will discuss with your personal trainer your needs, and the individual program will be planned accordingly. You are going to use the materials of the best publishing houses of the UK and USA adapted for you, as well as materials that you offer - authentic e-mails, materials of the conferences, etc.
You are in control over the HOW, WHEN and WHAT exactly you want to study!
Make progress in a limited time with LinguaFranca!

English via SKYPE

For all those who have a tight schedule, many business trips is our 121 sessions via Skype. Having all the advantages of 121 learning, this course offers one more - convenient time and place! If you decide to opt for 122 instead of 121, we can arrange this for you! You can practice: conversation, speaking fluency, grammar, accent reduction, English for business and job purposes.

Benefits of having your own English Coach:
  • Challenges you to perform better.
  • Changes your behavior from student to key player in English.
  • Clarifies goals and agreed-upon results with you and motivate you to reach these results.
  • Identifies gaps between where you are and where you need  to be.
  • Helps you develop a strong strategy and action plan to close the gap.
  • Monitors your progress with detailed performance reports and error recognition reports after each session.
Join us today and start speaking English fluently tomorrow!