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Business English

We are the only ENGLISH UK/TRINITY Cert IBET international certificate holders in Moldova!!!

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Did you know that more than 70% of business transactions are done in English?
You can become a part of it with LinguaFranca course on business practices, business writing, speech and oral presentation skills.
This program is for local as well as international business professionals with intermediate or advanced English language proficiency.
We offer Business English lessons available in Chisinau and its suburbs.

Business English with LinguaFranca means:
  • The only internationally certified trainers in Moldova 
  • Flexible lesson times for your busy schedule
  • Evening, weekend, afternoon, lunch time lessons available
  • Customized business English curriculum based on your goals 
  • Advance your career with business English and cultural competence
The course is conducted as a class or in private with an internationally certified ESL/Business instructor.

What is Business English? How different is it from General English?

Probably you have heard a lot the term business English, but you are not yet sure what it is. Here are some topics that business English course includes to give you a starter insight on the matter.
Typical courses might involve:

Telephone language

Presentations Structure


E-mail Understanding

Negotiating in English

Business English Vocabulary

English for job interviews

You can take the whole course or just one of the modules in group or 121.