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Wednesday, March 23

The new Business English course

Overview of the course

Our students will be expected to perform a wide variety of technical and business management functions. This course aims to facilitate both oral and written communication within a business context. Students will be provided with ample opportunity to practice all four language skills –listening, reading, speaking and writing. They will also address the challenges of conducting business with partners from different cultural backgrounds and areas of operation.


Students should have a good command of the English language. (Level B2/C1 according to
the CEFR for languages)

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course students:
- will be able to write emails, memos, graph descriptions in English
- will be able to read newspaper articles relating to business topics and discuss them
- will have gained an insight into general business concepts
- will be able to analyse case studies and provide effective solutions

Course Topics

Company structures
Types of business organizations and entrepreneurship
Corporate culture
Mergers & acquisitions
Corporate strategies - corporate social responsibility
Team working
Describing Trends

Teaching and learning approach

The course will be run as a seminar with an interactive approach. All students will be
expected to make an active contribution to group discussions, simulations and case studies.
In addition, part of the course will consist of group and individual presentations. All classes
will be held in English and students will be expected to regularly provide written assignments
in order to improve their written communication skills.

Course Material

- Handouts from business journals and newspapers (the Economist, Financial Times )
- Case Studies from the Internet and other relevant sources

Final Examination

There will be a 60-minute written examination on business English (in the English language).
Students will be prepared throughout the course on the relevant topics and provided with
ample practice materials. The examination will consist of a case study/text for examination
and internal correspondence within companies (memos, emails, reports graph description).
Students who regularly attend the course and hand in written assignments will be well prepared
for the examination. Regular feedback and correction will be provided to
encourage improvement in their written and oral communication skills.

  • Structure of companies, sectors of employment, company culture
  • Text on corporations of the past and present, discussion on companies students have worked for during internships/apprenticeships, mergers
  • Strategic alliances, corporate social responsibility
  • Company case study – Primark, press releases
  • Meeting and greeting, email writing, internal communications
  • Terms of payment and delivery, external communication – enquiries, offers and complaints
  • Ikea case study, SWOT analysis, memo writing
  • Chairing meetings, product life cycle and company strategy
  • Introduction to report writing, case study, the marketing mix
  • Report writing tasks, product portfolio analysis, case study
  • Describing trends, graph descriptions
  • Frosts case study
  • Exam revision, Aldi case study

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