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Wednesday, May 6

Are you ready to take the exam in English? Lingua Franca and Muz FM give you A MINUTE OF ENGLISH!

Do you like to communicate, travel or you simply want to pass your English exam with the flying colours? Do it! We propose a FREE solution for you to improve your level of English.

"A Minute of English" on Muz FM, offered by Lingua Franca is the competition  that will make you speak English as never before.

Starting from May 1, win a 2 months tuition of English courses worth 2,200 lei or a 1 month tuition worth 1,100 lei and MANY OTHER PRIZES from "Lingua Franca".


Find the post on radio MUZ FM. Catch in the morning show "Muzele Dimineţii" contest - "A Minute of English" and dial the phone number 022-859-880. Every one who accepts the challenge of our presenters will be subjected to an oral test, having 1 minute to prove their speaking skills in English on a topic suggested by Muz FM DJs, Ursu and Mihai. At the end of the competition the 10 finalists, chosen by Lingua Franca, who will have gathered the most votes will receive different prizes and they will also be invited to take part in the "Muzele Dimineţii" show.

So! Call 022 859 880 and accept Ursu and Mihai's 1 minute challenge and WIN a FREE English course (2 or 1 month) at Lingua Franca with the help of MUZ FM!

We know you can speak English well, so we are sending you to classes! The only thing you need to do is to accept "A minute of English" challenge!

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